Using Doctrine Annotations in Sylius

Unclutter your project Under the hood Sylius uses Doctrine ORM to map your models to the database. Doctrine offers three ways to define the mapping configuration: Yaml XML Annotations A fresh Sylius project will use *.yaml files by default, which are living in Resources/config/doctrine/. This is configured in config/packages/doctrine.yml at the very bottom. Its easy to switch to XML format by changing the yml to xml. Of course you have to migrate any existing *.

A story of a Tanuki and a green Swan

A story of a Tanuki and a green Swan Enable Gitlab CI for a Sylius project My task was straight-forward: Add GitLab CI to a Sylius project. While I have setup a lot of projects with TravisCI, I had never before with GitLab CI. All I knew was, analogous to TravisCI, that I would need some kind of configuration file which controls the automatization. GitLab says, that it is super easy – just create a .