Die Grundidee war eine Übersicht über Singerunden im deutschsprachigen Raum für Pfadfinder, bündische Menschen und solche die sich dazuzählen. Die Idee kam mir, als ich selbst nach einem Umzug neu in der Stadt war und bündischen Anschluss gesucht habe. Das Projekt wurde mit Laravel und VueJS umgesetzt.

Accessing Computed Property of Child Component in Vuejs

When coming from jQuery with its DataTables, you will wonder what to use in VueJS land. There are some implementations but none of them come close to it. In my opinion the best option so far is the DataTable from Spatie , its slick, fast and well documented and if you know Spatie, you can imagine that they are behind there stuff. That beeing said, I am using it for a while and as the amount of rows in the current project grows, I needed a total of all rows in the footer.

Localization With Laravel and Vuejs

Everyone who has built a multi-language application in Laravel knows a couple of ways of translating a string. Options are {{ __(‘apple’) }}, {{ trans(‘apple’) }}, {{ trans_choice(‘apple’, 2) }} or @trans(‘apple’). Lately, Laravel embraces VueJS and you might – like me – be building your frontend not soley with blade templates anymore but adding a VueJS component here and there. This is fine and as long as you use an inline-template where you write your HTML code directly in the *.