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👋 Moin!

I am glad to welcome you here. My name is Stefano Kowalke and I am a freelance backend developer from the far north. My main focus is the conception and implementation of web applications with Laravel/VueJS and TYPO3 extension development. Practical experience in online marketing (Google Analytics, Matomo) and consulting around the DSGVO complete my offer. You can find a more comprehensive insight under Projects or in the shortlist below.




  1. Freelance Currently

    Flensburg & Remote
    • Design and implementation of web applications with Laravel/VueJS/NuxtJS
    • Consulting DSGVO
    • Refactoring, as well as upgrade of existing Laravel applications and TYPO3 extensions
    • Creation and support of webshops via Shopify
  1. Laravel Developer  / AeroTune GmbH

    Flensburg & Remote
    • Creation of a concept for a platform in the sports sector. The platform provides cyclists with an overview and deep insight into their aerodynamics from which guidance can be derived to improve it and thus performance. The platform is very data-oriented and is connected via a REST API to an in-house developed algorithm, to which it sends the input data and receives the calculated values back and displays them graphically - in the form of charts.

    • Implementation of the application with Laravel and VueJS

  1. Developer  / Skyfillers

    • Creation of websites and applications with TYPO3, MeteorJS and Laravel
    • Development of TYPO3 extensions with Extbase and Fluid
    • Design and implementation of an in-house CRM system with Laravel using EventSourcing and CQRS
    • Implementation of REST APIs, as well as the connection to external (REST) APIs
    • Analysis of TYPO3 installations regarding their updateability
    • Execution of major TYPO3 updates, as well as integration of extensions
  1. Google Summer of Code  / Google / TYPO3


    Further development of the TYPO3 extension “CoreApi”.

  1. Student aid  / Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

    • Tutor for Java, C/C++ and databases
    • Technician for sound and light during different events of the college and university in the Audimax.
  1. Student aid  / Europe University Flensburg


    Maintenance of the TYPO3 presence of the Institute for International Management